Our Rules

These are some basic rule's, abide by the rule's to avoid punishment's. All ban's are synced across all of our server's. If you have any question's contact an admin.


Players caught cheating are no longer allowed to play on our server's, association will also result in a temporary ban.

Spamming & racism

Spamming chat or being racist will result in either a mute or ban depending on the severity.

Abusing exploit's

Rust being a game still in development means there will be a few exploit's, do not abuse these or you will be temporarily banned.


Leaking personal information, name's, photo's, IP's, etc will result in a ban. Time frame will depend on the severity.


VPN's are not allowed on any of our server's, if caught you will be temporarily banned until you are not longer on a VPN.


Respect our staff as they do not get paid to admin or moderate the server's. If you suspect abuse of any kind contact an admin.


Any attempt's at DDOS attack's or crashing any of our server's will result in a ban whether intentional or not. This also includes any type of threat to perform such actions.


Please provide sufficient evidence when accusing someone of cheating or doxing. False accusation's will result in consequence's.